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    This is a master-servant relationship, is there no communication? Vuong Han looked at Cetaphil sitting on his left leg in front of him, and did not use his shallow understanding to block the other person's actions, engraved in his heart. soul. This is Xinghai, a place full of different biomes and understandings. But to be honest, he never thought it would come to this point, but now that it has come to this point, he has nothing more to say. Considering the current situation, he should be more concerned about the influence of devouring talent on the soul, so he didn't think too much, sitting quietly to learn about some of the specialties brought about by devouring talent.

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    The spaceship has already planned to go to Lutford starport. Currently, there is still five hundred years of flight time from Tinh Tinh port. Of course, if you use the shuttle, it will be a matter of a blink of an eye, but in the blink of an eye , in the end he will overcome thousands of years of practice. For Vuong Han, he obviously does not want to do that, it takes time to pass through him, take a detour, other people after the baptism have become very strong of time, but he is still the same as before. What can be taken away is matter and soul, but what cannot be taken away is time.

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    Isabelle is busy researching a question about the giant star sea, she has nothing to leave this planet for this period of time, or she hasn't left this planet in over 20,000 years or more. On the one hand, it's because of the Star Sea giant beast problem. On the other hand, it's because her lifespan of 180,000 years doesn't allow her to go out for a long time. It's easy to be deceived by some people, especially if you just leave the planet, and you will hardly avoid going blind when you go out to see all kinds of things... But has the current situation changed so directly and instantly?

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    After all, he actually has a tendency to stay away from talented people. This is definitely a terrifying move. Assuming he can really fuse reincarnation and black fire into one talent, then this talent is completely complete. can be used to establish a sect, at least if Vuong Han wishes, he will directly press Keles against the wall, and then give birth to hundreds of children, and the majority of his descendants will naturally inherit this type. This black fire and regeneration, the two merge into one. Once the entire biome erupts directly and silently, it will be truly powerful!

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    Planets are the same. After overcoming the climate problems on some planets, opening deserted planets becomes extremely simple, so now there are too many of them, and this thing if is completely undeveloped, that is what Wang Han said: These 100,000 points of breath are mainly for a small star port and the only planet-like workshop main city, meaning to help you provide some daily necessities, especially to help you stay connected Being connected to the main network of this biome alliance allows you to accelerate your understanding of some stories between the entire biome every at the time. Otherwise, you will fall behind as soon as you stay on this planet. After all, those biomes are strong and they grow incredibly fast."

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    But if as you said before, this world has no breath, then no matter how powerful the soul is, it will not have any effect on this world. As for why the World Eater could calmly leave this world, it's also not true. Because they have collected a lot of breath, but because they resonate with Shengmen, there is a connection between Shengmen and Black Fire, moreover, Shengmen helps the World Devourer return... In other words , if the World Devourer is sent into a world, then directly destroys the gate of life, then it is almost impossible to find the original coordinates, there is no gate of life and Breath support, relying only on those weak soul instincts, it simply cannot cause any physical damage to the main world."

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    Having finished speaking, he did not stay here for too long, and then disappeared on the spot under everyone's confused eyes.

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    "Bizarre." Vuong Han doesn't understand what's going on right now. He doesn't know much about this type of spaceship. He has been very lonely all his life, and then he went towards the energy storage location. Let's go, at the same time asking the system about energy one after another, the answer is that the spacecraft itself has no problem, the spacecraft engine still has a lifespan of 100, the spacecraft's external defense module still has a lifespan 99%. These damages to the outside of the spacecraft are still based on the basis of no energy and no repair. If there is no problem with the energy source, as long as there is no immediate heavy loss, the spacecraft will still be damaged. Back with a completely new look. So, Vuong Han can confirm one thing: the spacecraft has no problem, there is an energy problem, go and observe what happens in the energy storage.

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    "Wang Han?" Everyone was surprised, "Why do you still have ideas! Furthermore, your body doesn't look like you've fallen into the existence of Heaven Devourer!"

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    Hearing Vuong Han's voice, 28 people of the Saint Sect family sat there, their faces looking like children about to see the world.

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    The small ball of light's breath was indeed attracted by the soul remnants. This phenomenon was truly miraculous.

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    Mengmeng and the others heard Wang Han's words, but didn't know what Wang Han was talking about, what holy capital, what Devourer exploded... All of these things were incomprehensible. However, Vuong Han's next few sentences made them completely understand: "Simply put, your mind can definitely go blank for a moment, that's a sign that you're cold. After that, In the next blink, you may open your eyes again, and then see the small hot pot still boiling in front of you."

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    Vuong Han's feeling spread to the bright river in front of him, "This should not be a chain reaction, it's just exploding into the sky... Ancestor once said that this technique is explosive." Phat!"

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    Sir, you can study with me, but to understand the talents of a biome, we first need to understand the talent composition of this biome, that is, understand how this talent operates from the most primitive level, like It is to understand thoroughly why apples can be born on an apple tree, not only seeing clearly on the outside but also going deep inside to understand what kind of subtle change it is. , and it can become like that after many repetitions. Keles gently leaned with both hands on Vuong Han's chest, one face was red, the other explained very clearly, Consider that I gave you an unusually large amount, let you explore the background of this matter." number, if you finally understand that its nature is to accumulate one by one, then how to accumulate it to become like this, this is what we need to understand.

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    To be honest, this is not because Vuong Han despises elf talent, but because according to Keles, his current black fire talent is already an extremely top-level racial talent, regenerating natural talent skills. , how strong this will be in Wang Han himself is now uncertain, so he directly showed Keles his repair speed, and let someone like her from the spirit group help. Please evaluate the spirit group's reincarnation talent.

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    "Okay!" Porphyrin nodded resolutely, "But now Skyline just says it can't be opened. Even if I want to go back, I have no choice."

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    Cetaphil was originally not qualified to go to the golden community inside the planet, especially now that she was watching this giant machine that seemed to be on fire creating planetary vibrations, she could deeply understand. The power of the golden biome, this type of super power is considered the guest of honor! Turning her head to look back, this was a land of planets connected by giant steel cables, the planets lined up in front of her, she felt like a speck of dust falling down a mountain. . running to tear her soul apart, the glory of the Xiandu group was worthless in front of the golden group. Fortunately, she and Vuong Han came here, otherwise they would not have had this opportunity. This planet is a place that only guests of the golden system can visit, a place that specializes in doing business.

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    Wang Han continued speaking: "Later, I learned more details about the Roja people through a group of vassals of the Roja people. They were a very creative and adventurous group. As for the final destruction, it was only me is to die on the path of discovering the unknown. Personally, I think this matter is glorious. This type of thinking has spread in me for more than 350,000 years. A person has set out to explore the fragments of the years, Try to restore or let Rojas stand in such a galaxy. You should know later that I have passed judgment on the flow of air and found this position step by step. According to my thoughts, Just need to find the source of the breath, then I will find the contradictions in the world. Maybe I can find out how the 1.3 billion Roja population was completely wiped out at that time But when I encountered this breathing error, my spacecraft could no longer store the breath, and the breath was pulled by the surrounding space, the spacecraft could not move us forward, we were forced to leave. Get out of the spaceship, let the spaceship take you back. Return to the galaxy where I came from, turn around, I see your body floating in the deserted sea of dead stars."

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    My sister used to do business here. I respect her because I have her support, but I have never done this. At that time I was still young, just over a thousand years old, so even those who had this hobby Even if they were not widely accepted by the group, they still knew that they would not attack the little girl, this is the bottom line that everyone will follow. Shen Yueke was held by Wang Han's hand to check the sea of stars, her voice also calmly appeared in Wang Han's mind.

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    The difficulty suddenly increased, and in Wang Han's current combination, he discovered the troublesome part of this matter.

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    While his soul power increased strongly, the soul power of the other monks around him continued to weaken, weakening every day and making it difficult to detect. After a long time, Vuong Han was able to confirm that they they weaken.

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    After that, Vuong Han tried to go back to Van Co Tri to take a look. At least on the human side, he also wanted to see if all humans had been destroyed or not, but when he raised his head, he saw humans. creatures that were completely on the opposite side. After turning gray, he knew now that he didn't need to go back, everyone had definitely been wiped out in this disaster. If in the end he was the only one to fall, would there be any joy... This is really not there, if there is any anger after the world is destroyed, this is also not there. Compared to the main characters in other stories, who were angry after the world was wiped out, or who were crazy and screaming, Wang Han felt very normal, and he had never done anything. that in front of other people in my life. What a wonderful thing, every day was training or training, hunting or hunting, until finally, after so many years, I only ate a pot of hot pot to suppress the shock, then had to go again ... In the real sense A person... This is a little hypnotic.

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    The most important thing is, these Roa don't even have badges on their wrists, I've seen a thousand Roa now and only one has a badge. Wang Han thought to himself. Regarding these things, his eyes fell silently on a smooth arm. When the owner of the arm stopped walking towards him, he frowned at the other person, it seemed to be a Roja woman, age unknown. cooperation, but seemed to be about 21 or 20. He didn't ask the other party anything, but the other party was very kind and said apologetically: "Sir, I don't know what I did wrong, if You can tell me directly, I will be very grateful to you."